While Trump may not be good for his own business, or Ivanka’s, or America for that matter – he is giving a huge boost to one business. Saturday Night Live!

According to SMI, which tracks 70 percent of national ad spending from global and independent agencies, ad unit costs for the 2 SNL episodes that aired in January, jumped 86 percent from a year earlier, to $111,045 for the Felicity Jones’ episode and $119,442 for Aziz Ansari’s.

That’s due in part to increased CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) this season as NBCU reduced SNL’s ad load by around 30 percent, removing two commercial breaks per episode.

But even with that reduced ad load, SNL’s estimated ad revenue jumped 34 percent year over year for the first January episode, to $2.1 million, and 22 percent for the second episode, to $2.0 million.

It isn’t just the comedy industry thats getting a boost, news programs have also been profitable under Trump. They enjoyed a substantial Trump bump in January, with ad revenue up 10.3 percent from a year earlier. The three cable news networks saw a 31.2 percent increase overall: 19.9 percent for CNN, 49.2 percent for MSNBC and 34.2 percent for Fox News. The average unit cost across all dayparts on each of the three networks has also skyrocketed year over year: 48 percent for Fox News, 28.8 percent for CNN and 50.1 percent for MSNBC.

Those increases gave a big revenue boost to the first weeks of Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, which replaced Megyn Kelly’s program on Jan. 9. The average 30-second spot in January for Tucker Carlson Tonight was $13,537, a 26.7 percent increase over the $10,684 that The Kelly File was receiving a year earlier.

While most Americans still can’t believe Trump is president, at least we can sleep at night knowing his administration gave us these gems:

And who could forget:

We’ll always have SNL!