Trump Feeling the Heat over the NEA? He’s Finally Moving Melania and Barron into the White House

Donald Trump Melania

In a stunning reversal, and contrary to reports that the First Lady and her ten-year-old son, Barron, might be staying in their New York penthouse in Trump Tower “indefinitely,” they are now “absolutely moving after the school year.” The Trumps have already selected the school Barron will be attending next year, and according to TMZ, “Melania’s quarters in the residence are getting a fresh coat of paint.”

Wait. “Melania’s quarters”? She won’t be sharing the president’s quarters? Very interesting.

This announcement comes after numerous news outlets have reported that the security detail alone for Mrs. Trump and young Master Trump is twice the budget of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA):

This week, Trump unveiled his plans to eliminate the NEA, which has sparked outrage all over America—especially in light of the outrageous taxpayer costs not only of the Trump Tower security detail, but also for the enormous sums spent on the president’s golfing trips to Florida each weekend—taxpayers pay $3 million each time. Yet Trump’s budget also calls for the elimination of community development block grants for Meals on Wheels and other programs that combat poverty.

The arts—and particularly the National Endowment for the Arts—is vital to our daily life and culture:

Many people might not know that the NEA awards 40% of its grantmaking budget directly to the states through their state and regional arts agencies. They might not know that NEA awards grants to organizations directly that reach every district in the country every year, and that these grants provide a significant return on investment of federal dollars with $1 of NEA direct funding leveraging up to $9 in private and other public funds, resulting in $500 million in matching support in 2016.

This means the National Endowment for the Arts enriches us all, at every level. Compare this to the cost of keeping Melania and Barron Trump insulated in their gold-leaf tower.

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