BREAKING: The GOP Dropped A MEGA BOMB On Low-Income Families – What They Did Is ILLEGAL [DETAILS]

The GOP does everything in their power to hurt the poor and benefit the rich.  It’s gotten so bad, they don’t even try to hide it anymore.

The Senate voted 50-49 to repeal yet another Obama-era regulation that allowed low-income Americans to afford a retirement plan when their employers did not offer them one.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t believe low-income Americans deserve a retirement plan.  He said:

“Under the guise of helping more people save for the future, it undercut a system of private retirement savings that has served millions of Americans very well for decades,” and that “the end result would be more government at the expense of the private sector.”

Essentially, he is saying big businesses and banks matter more than working class Americans who can’t afford retirement plans.

Senator Elizabeth Warren came to the defense of the working class and criticized the GOP saying they “haven’t put up for a vote … a single piece of original legislation to help working families.”

She continued, “For years, the Republican-controlled Congress has done nothing to help the 55 million Americans who don’t have an employer-provided retirement plan.”

If the GOP keeps this up, America will surely experience a “retirement crisis.”  The sad part is most of the people who voted for Trump are low-income, but they are too thick to see what is truly happening in America.  Instead, they allow Trump’s ego to blind them.

Will you be able to comfortably retire?

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