Trump Just Received DEVASTATING NEWS – His Lies Are Coming Back To Haunt Him!

Today is a little known holiday named Fact Checking Day.  It couldn’t have come at a better time since Trump’s lies continue to pile higher each day.

The editor of PolitiFact, Angie Holan, made an appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources to talk Trump.

She said:

“[Trump’s] track record has not improved. He’s still on our scale earning about 70% of mostly false, false, or pants on fire.”

Keep in mind, the POTUS is lying more often than not – way more!

Holan continued:

“I think fact-checking works from the point of view of citizens being informed. Democracy doesn’t work without an informed electorate.”

Additionally, PolitiFact found that only 9% of what Trump said on the campaign trail was actually true.  Of all the presidential candidates, Trump ranked as the biggest liar.

Never before has a president lied more than President Trump.

Watch Angie Holan speak below:

When do you think Trump’s pile of lies will reach a breaking point leading to impeachment?

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