Leaked Footage Comes Back To Haunt Trump In A Major Way – THIS COULD GET UGLY


President Donald Trump and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie were reunited on Wednesday when the friends-turned-political frenemies-turned allies pledged to join forces to fight the nation’s opioid epidemic during a so-called “listening session” at the White House.

Trump  appointed Christie to chair a White House commission to combat America’s opioid problem. “I think the president and I both agree addiction is a disease, a disease that can be treated,” said Christie rather ineffectually.

Trump derided Christie at the listening session, joking that Christie’s support was less than whole-hearted. He credited the governor with being “an immediate endorser—once he got out of the race!”

But then Trump said, “He liked himself more than he liked me, but other than that.”

“Still do, sir, but that’s all right,” Christie said in reply.

“Other than that, he’s been great,” Trump continued to some laughter. “And he’s a very effective guy, I will tell you. To have you working on this.”

What do you think? Was Trump just joking, or did his comment reveal his true sentiments?

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