BREAKING: Republicans Propose New Plan to Cut Social Security and Raise Retirement Age, Say Goodbye to a Comfortable Retirement!

After the epic failure that was Trumpcare, Republicans shifted their crosshairs to Social Security.  They will literally do whatever it takes to hurt working-class and low-income Americans.

The man behind the new proposal Republican Chairman of the Social Security Subcommittee of Ways and Means Sam Johnson wants to make drastic cuts to Social Security and raise the retirement age to 69.

Outlined in the bill are 15 changes to Social Security.  Read the changes below:



Democrats wasted no time firing back led by Nancy Pelosi.  Read a written statement by Pelosi below:

“Apparently nothing upsets House Republicans like the idea of hard-working people getting to enjoy a secure and dignified retirement.  While Speaker Ryan sharpens his knives for Medicare, Chairman Johnson’s bill is an alarming sign that Republicans are greedily eying devastating cuts to Americans’ Social Security benefits as well.

Cutting Social Security would have devastating consequences for Americans’ retirement security.  At a time when Americans are more anxious about their retirement than ever, the top Republican on the Social Security Subcommittee is rolling out legislation that cuts benefits by more than a third, raises the retirement age from 67 to 69, cuts seniors’ cost of living adjustments, and targets benefits for the families of disabled and retired workers.

Slashing Social Security and ending Medicare are absolutely not what the American people voted for in November.  Democrats will not stand by while Republicans dismantle the promise of a healthy and dignified retirement for working people in America.”

Johnson is trying to mask the terrifying reality of the bill by labeling it the “plan to permanently save social security.”

Remember when Trump claimed he would leave Medicare and Social Security alone?

Will you be negatively affected by the new bill?

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