BREAKING NEWS: HHS Secretary Tom Price Under Investigation After Using His Position of Power to Profit from Insider Trading [DETAILS]

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price is leveraging his position of power for his own financial gain.

According to a report by ProRublica, he invested $90,000 in pharmaceutical stocks the same morning he tried to repeal a regulation that threatened to hurt drug companies’ bottom lines.  This isn’t the first instance either.

Price’s broker claims he purchased the stock without getting the okay from Price first.  This has conflict of interest written all over it.

Additionally, Price worked with a group of bipartisan lawmakers who attempted to sink the Medicare Part B Drug Payment Model motion.  The regulation “was intended to remove the incentive for doctors to prescribe expensive drugs that don’t necessarily improve patient outcomes.”

CNN and other major news outlets have been keeping tabs on Price since he became the HHS secretary in February.  He’s been embroiled in controversy since taking on his new role.

Do you think Price is using his position of power to profit?

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