BOOYAH! Watch Whoopi Goldberg Send Sean Spicer a GIANT F*CK YOU, “Answer the Freaking Question, Sean!”

LOOK OUT, Spicer!  Whoopi isn’t playing around.

On today’s episode of The View, the hosts of the popular show brought up Sean Spicer’s treatment of veteran White House reporter April Ryan.

The African American reporter asked him a very valid question, and he brushed her off like a child.  During his rant, he told her to stop shaking her head.

Host Sonny Hostin asked, “Is she five?”

Ryan simply asked how the Trump administration is going to salvage their image after being caught in so much controversy including Russia.

Spicer downplayed her question and joked saying if the president puts Russian dressing on his salad tonight, it will become a Russia scandal.  He continued saying the Russia problem is the media’s problem and not the Trump administration’s problem.

It was only natural for her to shake her head since he dodged her question and treated it like a joke.

Whoopie commented:

“All of these journalists are talking about real stuff. These are real connections to Russia. Stop brushing it off. Answer the freaking question, Sean!”

Watch the video clip of Whoopi below:

Do you think Spicer mistreated April Ryan?

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