The Way Barack Obama Was Honored Today Will Make You Cry Tears of JOY, How Proud Are You NOW?

The overwhelming support Barack Obama receives regardless of where he travels is nothing short of monumental. Our countries love for Obama is highlighted by the widespread rejection of Trump. Our POTUS is going to be so ENVIOUS when he witnesses this…

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Obama is always chilling with the coolest people, unlike Pres. Trump who surrounds himself with dark figures. Today, Obama was spotted having lunch with U2’s Steve Bono in New York City, and someone caught him exiting the building on camera.

The restaurant, Upland, serves “California-inspired cuisine.”  Michelle Obama also joined them.

Steve Bono has been trashing Trump from the get-go and put him on screen during an October U2 concert to say, “You’re fired!”  The crowd went bananas!

Trump’s presidency has actually delayed the release of their newest album according to U2 guitarist The Edge.  The band feels as though “suddenly the world changed,” and they are quite right.

Watch Obama exit the building below and the incredible amount of support he receives for serving our country so well:

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Doesn’t this make you miss former President Obama?

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