Wowza! Comey’s Memos Mentions Trump’s ‘Hookers in Russia’ and Everyone’s Losing It

As former FBI director James Comey prepares to testify before lawmakers Thursday morning, his opening remarks detailing his interactions with President Donald Trump were released — and they include reassurances from the president that he never consorted with “hookers in Russia.”

The statement details five meetings and phone calls between Comey and Trump, diligently recorded by the lifelong intelligence officer, and counts a number of fascinating revelations.

Including: Trump pressured Comey to “get out” that he was not the target of the FBI’s investigation into his campaign, asked for Comey’s “loyalty,” and asked if the FBI director could “lift the cloud” of the investigation hanging over his presidency.

But most salaciously: on March 30, Trump reportedly called Comey to complain about “the cloud” and tell him he “had not been involved with hookers in Russia.”

The remark is likely in reference to the unverified dossier published by Buzzfeed in March alleging that Russian intelligence agencies had surreptitiously filmed footage of Trump urinating on a gaggle of prostitutes in a bed at the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow.

Russian authorities have a history of using arranged sexual encounters as fodder for kompromat, in order to blackmail and discredit politicians and public figures they deem problematic. The existence of tapes showing Trump with prostitutes was never confirmed.