Remember When Hillary Called Trump Supporters ‘Deplorables?’ Well, What Eric Trump Just Said Is WAY WORSE

Any student of the history of dictatorships is never surprised to learn that the family of an aspiring tyrant has made public efforts to explicitly dehumanize political opposition. It comes straight from the dictator’s proverbial playbook and has been seen in repressive regimes the world over.

That makes it no less shocking when the son of the President of the United States says, “To me, [Democrats are] not even people,” on national television. (Video below.)

President Trump’s son Eric Trump, who yesterday was exposed funneling charity money intended for kids with cancer to his father’s businesses, sat with Sean Hannity on FOX News and ranted that Democrats “come after us viciously” behind a “whack job” leader.

It’s easy to watch a tirade like this and dismiss it as an ignorant tantrum from a petulant child. While that may very well be the case, it is important to keep in mind that these dehumanizing tactics have been used before to great effect. And the medium of choice for the tyrannical strategy? State news. Or as we call it in the United States, FOX.