Watch Paul Ryan Publicly Shame Trump For His Interaction With Comey, It’s Happening

House Speaker Paul Ryan criticized President Donald Trump on Wednesday over his reported “loyalty” remark to James Comey while he was FBI director.

MSNBC anchor Greta Van Susteren pointed out that “on January 27, the President said, ‘I need loyalty; I expect loyalty’ — and is followed by sort of a awkward silence.” She asked the Wisconsin Republican, “Is it appropriate for the President to ask a question of loyalty for the FBI director?”

“Yeah, no. I mean, obviously, I don’t think that is,” replied Speaker Ryan.

The congressional leader continued by underlining, “But I don’t think that that’s new. I think that that’s already been reported on. I think that was something that was in the New York Times — gosh, a month or two ago.”

Van Susteren replied, “I think the big difference here is that we’re not hearing it through anonymous sources, but from a former FBI director.” Ryan acknowledged her point, but then returned to the original topic.

“Yes, FBI directors are supposed to be independent. That’s something that’s very, very critical. I think that’s why we have a new person that’s been announced, [Christopher] Wray, who seems to fit the bill for an independent prosecutor, career professional type — because we typically look for someone who’s going to be independent — but also that that position is treated independently. And this obviously crosses that.”