BREAKING: Trump Supporters Just Launched An Unprecedented ATTACK To Discredit A Witness Before Testimony

Dirty politics is bad enough when confined to campaigns. Now, allies of President Trump are taking it to the next despicable level. (Video below.)

The day before fired FBI Director James Comey’s much anticipated testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, the pro-Trump Super PAC Great America Alliance has taken the unprecedented step of airing a TV attack ad to discredit him.

Fredreka Schouten, of USA Today, reports that the group, which is not legally required to disclose its donors, has purchased $400,000 of airtime on the three cable news networks — FOX News, CNN, and MSNBC — to air over the next three days.

Next time you are tempted to ask if there is any depth to which these people will not sink, stop yourself. We know the answer. This transparent attempt to preemptively and baselessly discredit testimony shows that Trump’s expansive wing of the Republican Party has no interest in the truth and will stop at nothing to get wins for the reckless agenda.

It does, however, beg the question: What will Comey say that has made team Trump so afraid that they would stoop to this level?

Stay tuned…